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School Commercial

Epiphany 30 Sec Ad from edvinson on Vimeo.

Welcome to Epiphany Cathedral School

On behalf of the faculty and staff of ECS, we would like to thank you for your interest in our school. Since 1959, our school has provided Catholic education to students throughout Sarasota County and surrounding areas.

Our school enjoys a reputation in the community as a school that is academically rigorous, assists children in developing a deep spiritual relationship with God and seeks ways to serve others.

As a Catholic school within the Diocese of Venice, our school is fully accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference. Epiphany Cathedral School is a co-educational parish school (supported by Epiphany Cathedral Parish and other surrounding-area Catholic parishes) for children in grades Pre-K through grade 8. Working with parents, our students are taught the skills needed to fulfill their life of purpose. God has a plan for each of us. Our work is to help children seek that life of purpose and be prepared to follow God’s plan. ECS provides a disciplined, caring, and loving environment that supports that mission.

Our curriculum, established by the Diocese of Venice, ensures that children develop academically and spiritually. Lessons are created to reflect our Catholic faith and the gospel values. Passing along our faith and ensuring children have a strong and lasting relationship with God is evident in all that we do. Based upon the Diocese of Venice curriculum standards, our academic expectations are developmentally appropriate and reflect increased rigor for many of our students. Our students graduate from ECS well-prepared for the next level of academic preparation.

At Epiphany Cathedral Catholic School, we offer children a premier education for their life of purpose. We look forward to welcoming you to our school family and working together to lay the foundation for academic excellence, strong leadership, well-grounded character development and service for others.

In Christ’s Service,
Epiphany Cathedral School