Sacramental Preparation

Sacramental Policy

Sacramental Policy & Religious Formation

Each year Epiphany Cathedral Parish invites a new group of young people to a fuller participation in the Sacramental life of our parish family. It is an event for which we all (children, parents, catechists and pastoral staff) prepare. It is an event in which the whole parish participates and rejoices.

Epiphany Cathedral Parish recognizes the obligation of and opportunity for parents to be the first and primary educators of their children (Declaration of Christian Education, Vatican II). We recognize parents as the foundation upon which Jesus builds His Church. We recognize that families build upon and continue the traditions of our Catholic heritage. To this end, the Sacramental Policy at Epiphany Cathedral is as follows:

Sacramental Policy

Baptism: A program for expectant parents is held to remind parents of the opportunity and obligation they have as first and primary educators of their children in presenting them for baptism. Parents will share an adult dimension of their faith which is renewed in the Sacrament of Baptism for their children and lived out in the Christian community of Epiphany Cathedral Parish.

Eucharist/Penance: Continuous preparation takes place throughout the years in our Religious Education programs with special emphasis in grade 2.  Preparation also includes a mandatory meeting for parents who provide necessary information.  First Communion is typically held in May.


Religious Formation


Religious formation is a vital part of the entire faith development program.  Students receive religion instruction daily in the classroom;  however, faith development cannot be left only to classroom activities.  Some of the main areas used to help make sure that all facets of a student’s faith have a chance to grow are: Liturgy, Reconciliation, Retreats, Prayer, Sacramental Preparation, and Community Service. Students celebrate Mass weekly.  They take an active role in planning and participating – serving as readers, musicians, gift bearers, singers, and servers.  Parents are invited and encouraged to attend our Friday Liturgies.  Our students also attend individual and/or communal reconciliation services during Advent and Lent.  Morning Prayer and classroom prayer occurs daily.  Also, special prayer services are held in conjunction with the seasons of the year, including Advent wreath services, Stations of the Cross, the Living Rosary and May Crowning.  Community service includes service projects, mission activities, justice and peace activities and community building programs.