Catholic Social Justice

Catholic Identity

Catholic Identity


The Catholic schools of the Diocese find their true justification in the mission of the church.  Our schools are a means for the local church to evangelize, educate and contribute to the formation of a healthy and morally sound lifestyle among its members.  Our schools fulfill this responsibility by ensuring that all aspects of the school are rooted in Catholic education philosophy, which brings faith, culture and life into harmony.

Our school community actively promotes discipleship of Jesus Christ as integral to their Catholic culture and mission.  Our school offers a curriculum infused with Catholic beliefs, Gospel values and the Catholic Social Justice Teachings.



The Church has a responsibility for the religious education of all its members. In order to carry out that mission, the Church must support parents in their role as primary catechists of their children and provide all children with the foundations of their faith. We as Catholics are proud of and celebrate our rich heritage and traditions.  Christ founded the Church, also called the People of God.  As members of the Church, we are commissioned to live a life based upon the Gospel message.  The Four Anchors for instruction of our Religion Curriculum are Prayer/Spirituality, Doctrine, Biblical Principles, and Sacraments.