Epiphany Cathedral School provides numerous ways to support the learning environment.  As such, we employ a Guidance Counselor and Resource Teacher who work directly with students and teachers to determine the best learning strategies for students whether accommodations, remediation or enrichment are needed.

Guidance Counselor
A counselor is available to support new students, children who are experiencing academic difficulties and/or children who experience traumatic life-changing events.  Our Guidance Counselor works with teachers to develop student learning strategies, test taking strategies, and accommodation plans. 

Learning Support Accommodations
Epiphany Cathedral Catholic School strives to meet the needs of all students.  Some students have special needs and require some modification or accommodation in the regular classroom setting.  Service Plans document the modifications and accommodations to ensure student learning.

Dreams Are Free School, Sarasota
The Diocese of Venice includes a school that works with students with specific learning needs that may not be addressed in a regular classroom setting.  Parents who desire a Catholic education for their child are encouraged to inquire about Dreams Are Free School in Sarasota. 

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